Ni-MH RC Car Battery

You can use Ni-MH RC Car Battery instead of NiCD batteries for your RC car. Ni-MH RC Car Battery is widely compatible with most popular standards and will provide your RC car with high power and very long duration and power when you need it. Can be used for RC cars, RC trucks, RC off-road vehicles and more.

30 - 40 % higher capacity of NiMH batteries over a standard Ni-Cd.
The Ni-MH RC Car Battery has the potential for yet higher energy densities. Many battery applications are well suited to be powered by NiMH the best battery for RC cars.

Hilong is one of the custom NiMH battery manufacturers in China, 7.4v RC car battery, 7.2 volt NIMH battery for RC car 5000 amph, 9.6 volt rechargeable battery for RC car, etc. are optional in Hilong. nnn