Our Service

At Hilong we focus on customers’ needs, we understand that our customer’s desire to procure perfect components to ensure their final product quality so as to remain competitive in the global economy. Our quality assurance system is aiming to produce customer satisfied quality battery products. Our mission is to provide our customers with total energy solutions which is green, safe and efficient. We uphold the managing creed of “work in unity, achieve technological innovation”, insist on “customer first, quality oriented”, believe “win-win situation” is the best cooperative principle. Based on these beliefs, we are confident to offer our customer good quality and good service.

Battery design
Hilong can fulfil various requirements, either voltage or size, voltage, or capacity. Our techniques are not bound on parameters we displayed. If you have something particular and different in mind, we'll try to make it happen or design something that will work for you.

Battery recommendation
With decades production experience in the battery field, Hilong knows very well what our customer needs. We can professionally recommend what kind of batteries should be used for the provided applications, you don’t need to worry about devices catching on problem during use. 

We have been working with many logistic companies who can ship the battery to all over the world , most importantly, we will try to find the most economical carriers with the fastest way. Therefore, it can save the money and the shipping time for our customers.

After-Sales Support
From beginning to end, we will always provide the best quality products and best customer service to our customers. If our customer has any query, we will try our best to solve the problem for them as soon as possible.

  • Q: How long has your company been in business?
    • A: Hilong has already been in the RC battery field for more than 19 years. And in the past year, we are mainly do OEM and provide our Hilong cells too the famous and potential distributors mainly in Europe and U.S.A.; So may be that's why you just heard not too much about our Hilong brand. And nowadays, weare going all out to promote our Hilong brand into the battery markets. So sincerely hope under our mutual efforts, we can enjoy pleasant and long-term business cooperation in the near days.

  • Q: Can you do OEM servicee?
    • A: Yes, Hilong can fulfil various requirements,either voltage or size, voltage, or capacity. Our techniques are not bound on parameters we displayed. Please feel free to consult our experts to design a unique battery solution.

  • Q: What is the charger rate of the batteries?
    • A: The charging rate of our Hilong lipo packs can up to 5C+ without problem, but we usually recommend our customers to charge with 2-3C; Hope this is ok for you.

  • Q: I need Batteries witch can keep the 40C on 22° Celsius - is that possible?
    • A: It's hard to keep the 40C on 22° Celsius when you discharge the lipo pack with 40C.

  • Q: How does a LiPo battery work at high temperatures?
    • A: The high C-rate LIPO battery provides higher discharge rate of up to 60C, and better stability, controlled within 65°C to prevent overheating and damage.

  • Q: What is the difference between parallel and series circuits?
    • A: Parallel circuit is involved two or more batteries connected to extend the capacity. In this case, the positive terminals are connected together, and the negative terminals are connected together until the desired capacity reached.

      Series circuit connects two or more batteries together to increase the voltage. We connect the positive terminal to the negative one until reaching the voltage we need.
      For example, if we series circuit two batteries with 12V, that will be 24voltage in total.

  • Q:Why are the lipo battery inflating? Is it water vapors (moisture) that's building inside the cell?
    • A: About inflating,it's not with water vapors. As for lipo batteries, the status of inside is like" solid-state". So if the lipo pack inflating/swelling, that's due to over-charging or over-discharging which damaged the inside structure of the lipo packs materials, and caused the gas, which seems will be swelled.

  • Q:How is the reliability of your product and reliability of the supply?
    • A: About the reliability of our Hilong batteries, we can provide samples for your testing first to check the quality and performance of ours. You can place your formal order when the performance and quality of our Hilong batteries can meet your standard/requirements on batteries via comprehensive samples testing.Meanwhile, we promise that if the quality of our battery packs can not keep the same as the samples you tested, we will replace the battery packs to you one by one for your order!

  • Q: Does your price include shipping?
    • A: our quotation is based on FOB terms, which is not including shipping cost.