Battery Cell Charger

Hilong Battery has the best rechargeable battery chargers to keep them charged. When your rechargeable batteries are low, put them in the charger and they will be ready to use again in a few hours.If you are looking for a quality battery charger, Hilong offers a very useful option. It can hold up to four AA or AAA rechargeable batteries at a time, but like most budget chargers, it can only charge pairs of the same size batteries.

If a typical four-battery charger doesn't meet your needs, you can find units with slots for up to eight rechargeable batteries.

These chargers can only charge AA and AAA NiMH batteries. Do not charge other types of batteries such as AA, or AAA alkaline batteries as this may cause battery leakage, burning, explosion, and other hazards. Please click below to learn more.

In addition to the Ni-MH battery cell smart USB rapid charger, you can also find the best battery for RC cars, drone lipo battery for fpv, plane/heli battery, remote control boat battery, best lipo battery for airsoft gun, Lithium vacuum cleaner battery, and more. 

We will recommend the most suitable battery type for you according to the specific situation.  We are waiting for you to contact and join us.