Li-PO Airsoft Battery

Hilong Li-PO battery cells use an advanced automatic lamination process, based on standard production and strict testing, to provide users with reliable and high-performance li po battery for airsoft guns.

Hilong produces good batteries for airsoft guns that excel in energy density, safety, charge retention, high leakage performance, long-term storage self-discharge, and internal resistance.

Most airsoft guns can handle a lipo 7.4v battery for airsoft gun kwa m4 without any problems. If you're using an 11.1V airsoft battery, though, you'll need to make sure that your gun can handle it.

Best Battery for Airsoft Gun


The best battery for airsoft gun is one that meets the gun's power needs while being safe, reliable, and durable.

The best battery for airsoft gun depends on various factors such as the type of gun, the voltage requirement, and the desired performance. Generally, a high-quality Li-PO airsoft battery is considered the best option for airsoft guns due to its high energy density, low weight, and consistent power output. 

Hilong manufactures and supplies almost all types of best lipo battery for airsoft guns, whether Ni-MH, Li-ion, or Li-PO, as well as some batteries for airsoft guns with chargers. All of them are approved by customers all over the world. We look forward to your joining us.