Hilong Smart Charger - USB Rapid Charger 8AA or 8AAA

Model: HY02
Applicable Battery Types: Rechargeable NIMH battery
Input : 5V  2A  10W
Output: 1.2V  200mA-300mA
Dimension: 122.3*90.2*26mm
charging slot: 8AA or  8AAA
To prevent it from fire or moisture
To reduce the risk of electronic shock
Do not remove cover (or back plate)
No user-serviceable parts inside
Refer service to qualifed service agent


Hilong USB Rapid Charger is Designed for AA/AAA nickel-hydride batteries (1.2V constant vltage) to charge four batteries simultaneously.It features a charger and a battery storage box.


    1.Connect the charger.

       The charger indicator is white,indicationg that the charger works normally.

    2.Charge AA/AAA nicker-bydride battery.

      The battery indicator lights red,indicationg the battery is charging.

      Four AA OR AAA NIMH batteries can be charged individually or simultaneously.

    3.Finished charging

      After being fully charged,the red indicatorof the charger will turn into a white indicator light.


M  atters need attention:

    1.The charging voltage of this charger is DC5V,and only the charging pool of AA and AAA nickel-MH batteries can be charged.

    2.Do not charge other types of AA , AAA alkaline batteries and other batteries,otherwise there may be battery leakgage, combustion, explosion and other dangers.

    3.The charger can only connect to mobile phone adapter with an output voltage of 5V and the USB port of the laptop to connect to the charger.If the input voltage exceeds 6V,the charger damage may be caused.

    4.The best service temperatrue of charger is 20~25℃ C charging process to ensure that the charger is ventilated and dry.

    5.Please confirm that the battery is positive+and negative - pole when charging.

    6.Do not dismantle,knock,or smash the charger.



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