Ni-MH Power Tool Battery

Ni-MH power tool battery adopts the latest high power NiMH production technology, the battery pole piece adopts high purity thickened nickel piece, lower internal resistance, higher discharge multiplier, and voltage output, better force, and stronger discharge capacity.

Ni-MH power tool battery has an advanced explosion-proof function, better storage characteristics, lower self-discharge rate and longer life, and excellent overcharge and over-discharge endurance, which is a safe and reliable battery.

NI-MH Sub-C 3000mAh 12V battery pack for power tools and NI-MH Sub-C 2000mAh 12V battery pack for a Power tools etc. can be found in Hilong. Hilong Battery ensures the excellent performance of power tool batteries according to the most stringent assembly requirements. For any battery customization business, please feel free to contact us.