Hilong Smart Charger MIL-N14 N18 for Milwaukee 14.4V-18V lithium battery

Model: N14 N18
Current: 3.0A
Nominal Voltage:      14.4V - 18V
Weight: 536g
Size: 175*150*74mm                                       

Product Category:


Suitable for Milwaukee power tool

battery charger 14.4V-18V

Hilong  Smart Charger  Features:
Fast charger
Multifunctional charger
Durable and cooling system

Compatible  Models:

 For 14.4-Volt Milwaukee Lithium Battery M14

 For 18-Volt Milwaukee M18 Lithium Battery 48-11-1811 , 48-11-1815 , 48-11-1820 , 48-11-1822 , 48-11-1828 , 48-11-1840 , 48-11-1841 , 48-11-1850 , 48-11-1852 , 48-59-181 , 48-59-1850 , 4932352071 , 4932430063 , C18B , Li18 , M18 , M18B , M18B2 , M18B4 , M18BX


Advantages of our charger: 

Advanced charging technology, improved PCBA Board and universal 110V to 240V voltage input.

Fast charger: 4.0Ah batteries in 1 hour or less, 5.0Ah batteries in 2 hours, 9.0Ah battery in 3-4 hours.

Multifunctional charger: for 14.4V-18V Milwaukee M14 M18 Lithium Battery.

Diagnostics with LED indicator communicates battery charge status: charged, charging, replace pack, and battery too hot or too cold.

Durable and cooling system has the function of stable heat dissipation.


Protections in charger: 

No charger to a defective battery Auto Cut off when Short-circuit.

Stop when charger faulty detected.

Stop charging when charging over and stop charging when overheat.


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Professional high power battery manufacturer

One-stop power supply solution


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Hilong as a professional battery manufacturer, specialize in researching and producing reliable high discharge rate batteries for almost 20years. Based on excellent performance and good service, its batteries have been widely used in agricultural, RC hobby, aircraft,military device, power tool, medical device,home wireless equipment, energy storage, car jump starter etc. fields. Such like RC cars, UAV, FPV, helicopter, jet, RC boat,ASG airsoft military device, lighting, E-bike, vacuum cleaner and so on. Warm and professional Hilong people are always ready to provide you with quality service.  Any battery inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us please.







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