Hilong Smart Charger- fits 2.4V to 7.2V USB NIMH Battery Charger

Model: HCA-M621
Applicable Battery Types: 2.4V/2cell to 7.2V/6cells battery
Input Voltage: 5-12VDC / ≥ 1A
Output: 2.4-7.2V  500mA
Dimension: 75*50*30mm
Hilong Smart Charger Protection: 
over voltage protection
short circuit protection
over current protection
reverse polarity protection 

Hilong Smart Charger is a rudimental AC input balance charger.

For use with 2-6 cell NIMH batteries ONLY.


1.Connect USB connector toUSB power on PC or USB AC wall adapter.

2.Connect battery to mini connector.

3.Charger will automatically begin charge process.

Red  LED:Charging

Green LED:Finish charging

Flashing Red LED:Error

Hilong Smart ChargerNIMH Battery Charger

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