Hilong Energy Storage Battery Lithium Ion 18650/26650/32650 12V 3S10P

Capacity:  8Ah  to 50 Ah
Battery Cell Types: 18650, 26650, 32650 etc.
Nominal Voltage:   12.0V
Max. Cont. Discharge Rate:  1C to 5C
Safety Protection:  Explosion proof and custom-made protection, Over charge and over discharge protection
Hilong Storage Battery Features:
High Safety  
High Cost-efficient  
High Stability  
Low IR  
Long Cycle Life  
Long Shelf Life  

As a battery manufacturer in China since 2002, Hilong always produce and supply batteries with stable quality,  strong discharge capacity, good consistency. We would advice you the most suitable type of cell according to the specific. Over the years, HILONG have always adhered to the principle of quality first and constantly tried new technologies to develop better and more efficient batteries. With the standardized production and strict quality control, the view of Hilong battery is reliable has been accepted and respected by more and more people. Batteries have been widely used in household energy storage system, commercial energy storage system, industrial energy storage system, AGV, UPS,golf carts, and yacht etc. We are waiting for your contact and joining.     


Application Range: Energy Storage,Back Up Power, Industrial usage Power

Rated Voltage:11.1V 

Capacity Range:8Ah, 8.8Ah,10.4Ah,  12Ah

Max. Charge Current:10A

Max. Discharge Current: 30A (or custom made)

Measurement of finished battery pack: 70*51*51mm (or custom made)

Cell type: 18650 or 26650

Operation temperature range: -10℃ ~ 65℃

Safety Protection: Explosion proof and custom-made protection, Over charge and over discharge protection

Self-discharge of cell: 4-8uA

IR of cell: ≤50mR

Wires: TX plug, UL3135, 16AWG, 150mm (or custom made)

Stable battery quality and good discharge performance                             
Excellent stability, higher drain discharge capability                            
High current charge and large current discharge capability                            
Good storage endurance, Good charge capacity retention, Long cycle life                            
Hilong always like to supply Custom-made service                            
Battery Solution                            
Your Own Brand                             
Battery Pack Shape                            


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