Hilong 4000mAh 22.2V 70C 6S Lithium lon Battery Pack for Drone

  Nominal Capacity   4000mAh                   
  Nominal Voltage   22.2V
  Impedance at 1khz   Max.15mΩ
  Charge   Current                          Max.12.0A(3C)
  Voltage   Max.25.50V
  Discharge   Continuous Current     Max.280A(70C)
  Burst Current   Max.400A(100C)
  Voltage cut-off   18.0V
  Cycle Life 80% Rentenion   1C/1C   300cycle
  1C/10C   150cycle

  Operating Temperature


  Charge   0°C~45°C
  Discharge   -20°C~60°C



  (1) Nominal capacity (average discharge capacity): discharge current 0.5C, end of voltage 18.0V,temperature 23±2.

  (2) Nominal voltage (average discharge voltage): discharge current 0.5C,end of voltage 18.0V,temperature 23±2.




Hilong Li-PO Aircraft Battery used the advanced automatic lamination process and superior LiCoO2 material, based on standard production and strict inspection, deliver users the dependability and high performance battery. Its engergy density, safety, charge retention, high drain performance, self-discharge for long term storage, inner-resistance etc. all show excellent. Ideal choose for agriculture drone, UAV, helicopter, FPV etc.  

Excellent stability, higher drain discharge capability and higher medial platform voltage                            
High current charge and super large current discharge capability                            
Good storage endurance, smaller self-discharge rate, good cycle life                            
Wider operation temperature range, some types can be used in 60℃                            
Hilong always like to supply Custom-made service                            
Battery Solution                            
Your Own Brand                             
Battery Pack Shape                            

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Hilong as a professional battery manufacturer, specialize in researching and producing reliable high discharge rate batteries for almost 20years. Based on excellent performance and good service, its batteries have been widely used in agricultural, RC hobby, aircraft,military device, power tool, medical device,home wireless equipment, energy storage, car jump starter etc. fields. Such like RC cars, UAV, FPV, helicopter, jet, RC boat,ASG airsoft military device, lighting, E-bike, vacuum cleane and so on. Warm and professional hilong people are always ready to provide you with quality service.  Any battery inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us please.


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No. Model No. Typical capacity    (mAh) Voltage
Hard Case Dimensions  Approx Weight
Max Discharge Data

Continuous Discharge Current Burst Discharge Current
1 HL-4000/40-6S 4000 22.2V 52.0  45.0  138.0  618.0  40C(160.0A) 80C(320.0A)
2 HL-4000/70-6S 4000 22.2V 29.0  71.0  153.0  621.0  70C(280.0A) 100C(400.0A)
3 HL-5000/40-6S 5000 22.2V 54.0  45.0  138.0  656.0  40C(200.0A) 80C(400.0A)
4 HL-5000/70-6S 5000 22.2V 36.0  71.0  153.0  798.0  70C(350.0A) 100C(500.0A)
5 HL-6000/40-6S 6000 22.2V 66.0  45.0  138.0  746.0  40C(240.0A) 80C(480.0A)
6 HL-6500/40-6S 6500 22.2V 56.0  49.0  161.0  890.0  40C(260.0A) 80C(520.0A)
7 HL-7000/35-6S 7000 22.2V 66.0  45.0  138.0  785.0  40C(245.0A) 80C(490.0A)
8 HL-8000/70-6S 8000 22.2V 72.0  71.0  153.0  1148.0  70C(560.0A) 100C(800.0A)

Don`t short circuit battery.
Don't Over-charge, or Over-discharge batteries.
Don't put it besides the high-temperature condition.
Don't dispose of in fire or heat.
Don't immerse the battery in water or get it wet.

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