26650 3200mAh 3.2V LiFePO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate / LFP) Battery

Capacity:  3200mAh
Type: 26650 Cylindrical                    
Nominal Voltage:   3.2V
Max. Cont. Discharge Rate:  1C to 3C
Size: Ø26.15*65.60mm
Weight: 86g
Hilong RC Car Li-ion Battery Features:
High  Safety
High Cost-efficient
High Stability
Low IR
Long Cycle Life
Long Shelf Life

The LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery is a type of rechargeable lithium battery and the safest Lithium battery type currently available on the market today. Hilong have cylindrincal, square and soft case LiFePO4 with high energy density, deliver more power and longer life, both cycle life and shelf life. It's cycle life can reach thousands of cycles. 

Stable battery quality and good discharge performance                     
Excellent stability, higher drain discharge capability                    
Good storage endurance, Good charge capacity retention, Long cycle life      

Hot Sales Hilong Cylindrical LiFePO4 Battery

Type Voltage
Maximum charging rate Maximum discharge rate Internal resistance
18650-1100mAh-3.2v 3.2 1100 1C 3C ≤30 Ф18.15*65.20 45
18650-1400mAh-3.2v 3.2 1400 1C 3C ≤30 Ф18.15*65.20 43
18650-1500mAh-3.2v 3.2 1500 1C 3C ≤30 Ф18.15*65.20 43
18650-1800mAh-3.2v 3.2 1800 1C 3C ≤30 Ф18.15*65.20 45
26650-3000mAh-3.2v 3.2 3000 1C 3C ≤30 Ф26.15*65.60 85
26650-3200mAh-3.2v 3.2 3200 1C 3C ≤30 Ф26.15*65.60 86
26650-3400mAh-3.2v 3.2 3400 1C 3C ≤30 Ф26.15*65.60 86
26650-3600mAh-3.2v 3.2 3600 1C 3C ≤25 Ф26.15*65.60 89
26650-3800mAh-3.2v 3.2 3800 1C 3C ≤25 Ф26.15*65.60 92
32700-6000mAh-3.2v 3.2 6000 1C 3C ≤10 Ф32.5*70.80 143

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Hilong as a professional battery manufacturer, specialize in researching and producing reliable high discharge rate batteries for almost 20years. Based on excellent performance and good service, its batteries have been widely used in RC hobby, aircraft,military device, power tool, medical device,home wireless equipment, energy storage, car jump starter etc. fields. Such like RC car, truck, UAV, FPV, helicopter, jet, RC boat,ASG airsoft military device, lighting, E-bike, vacuum cleane and so on. Warm and professional hilong people are always ready to provide you with quality service.  Any battery business, do not hesitate to contact us please.     

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