Ni-MH Power Tool Battery

Ni-MH Power Tool Battery

17 May, 2024

Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries are a popular choice for powering cordless tools due to their many advantages over other battery types. Hilong Battery, a leading manufacturer, produces high-quality Ni-MH power tool batteries that deliver reliable performance and long runtime.


Advantages of Ni-MH Batteries


Compared to nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries, Ni-MH batteries offer:

●  Higher energy density, providing 30-40% more capacity in the same size

●  No memory effect, so they can be recharged at any point without reducing the capacity

●  More environmentally friendly with no toxic cadmium

Ni-MH batteries are also more affordable than lithium-ion batteries while still providing good performance for most power tool applications.


Lifespan and Durability


With proper care, Ni-MH power tool batteries can last for 500-1000 charge cycles. They are best suited for shallow discharge cycles rather than frequent deep discharging. Ni-MH batteries are durable and can withstand rugged job site conditions.


Charging and Maintenance Tips


To maximize the lifespan of your Ni-MH battery:

●  Avoid overcharging by using a compatible smart charger

●  Store batteries at 40-50% charge in a cool place

●  Perform a full discharge and recharge every 3 months to prevent crystalline formation

Hilong's Ni-MH power tool batteries feature high-quality cells and advanced protection to ensure optimal charging and discharging. They provide ample runtime for demanding applications.




For an affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly option, consider Ni-MH batteries for your cordless power tools. Hilong Battery's Ni-MH packs deliver the performance and durability you need to get the job done. With proper care, they will provide years of dependable service.

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