Li-ion RC Car Battery

Li-ion RC Car Battery

14 Jun, 2023

Li-ion RC Car battery changed the world of remote control car racing, offering high-performance power and extended runtime. As an integral part of any RC car, choosing the right Li-ion battery can greatly enhance your racing experience.


Li-ion RC Car Battery


Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries are rechargeable power sources commonly used in remote control car applications. They consist of lithium-ion cells, which provide high energy density, lightweight construction, and longer runtime.

Li-ion RC car battery offers higher energy density compared to other battery types, ensuring increased power and performance. They have a lower self-discharge rate, enabling longer periods between charges.

Li-ion batteries are lightweight, reducing overall car weight and improving speed and maneuverability. They have no memory effect, allowing for partial charging without reducing battery life.


Hilong 2500mAh 7.4V High Power Lithium Ion Battery Pack


Hilong Li ion battery pack for RC cars is made of  Hilong standard cylindrical high-power lithium-ion cells. The standardized shape and size of the battery greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of the battery, and its high power characteristics allow players to fully enjoy the fun of power. Stable quality and low self-discharge performance greatly reduce the maintenance cost of battery operators. There is no reason not to choose this battery

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Li ion Battery Pack for RC Car



● Use LiCoO2 material for positive pole,  Stable battery quality, and good performance

● Excellent stability, higher drain discharge capability

● High current charge and large current discharge capability

● Good storage endurance, good charge capacity retention, long cycle life


Hilong Battery always likes to supply Custom-made service


● Battery Solution


● Your Own Brand

● Labels

● Packaging

● Connectors

● Battery Pack Shape Packing


Benefits of Li-ion RC Car Battery


Enhanced Performance


Li-ion batteries deliver higher voltage and consistent power, resulting in improved acceleration and speed. They offer higher discharge rates, allowing for bursts of power during acceleration and sharp turns.


Extended Runtime


Li-ion batteries provide longer runtimes compared to other battery types, allowing for more extended racing sessions.


Fast Charging


Li-ion batteries can be charged quickly, enabling shorter downtime between races. However, it is essential to use a charger specifically designed for Li-ion batteries to ensure safe and efficient charging.


li ion battery pack for rc car


Hilong Battery - Battery Manufacturers in China


Hilong as a professional battery manufacturer, specialize in researching and producing reliable high-discharge rate batteries for almost 20 years.

Based on excellent performance and good service, its batteries have been widely used in RC hobby, aircraft, military devices, power tools, medical devices, home wireless equipment, energy storage, car jump starter, etc. fields. Such as RC cars, trucks, UAVs, FPVs, helicopters, jets, RC boats, ASG airsoft military devices, lighting, E-bike, vacuum cleaner, and so on.

Warm and professional Hilong is always ready to provide you with quality service.  For any battery business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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