Battery Guide: What You Need to Know?

Battery Guide: What You Need to Know?

21 Oct, 2022


I believe you have seen a lot of batteries in your daily life, such as medical equipment batteries, batteries for portable devices, solar energy storage batteries, and RC car batteries.

A battery refers to a device that contains an electrolyte solution and metal electrodes to generate electric current and can convert chemical energy into electrical energy, which is used to power electrical equipment.

Batteries have positive and negative electrodes. With the advancement of technology, a battery refers to a small device that can generate electrical energy. With the use of batteries as a source of energy, you can get a stable voltage, stable current, and can be a long-time stable power supply.

Batteries are stable and reliable, easy to carry, easy to charge and discharge, and not affected by external climate and temperature, and play a great role in all aspects of modern social life.


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Primary and Secondary Batteries


According to the times of use, batteries can be divided into primary batteries and secondary batteries.


Primary Batteries


Primary batteries are designed to be used until they run out of energy and then discarded. Chemical reactions of primary batteries are generally irreversible and therefore cannot be recharged. When the supply of reactants in the battery is exhausted, the battery stops producing current and is useless. Zinc-manganese batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, etc. are examples.


Secondary Battery


Secondary batteries are environmentally friendly compared to primary batteries and are called rechargeable batteries or accumulators, which are batteries that can continue to be used after the battery has been discharged by activating the active material by means of charging.

From the perspective of environmental protection and more economical, the use of secondary batteries is more beneficial to our environmental protection.


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Disposal or Recycling of Batteries


Whether spontaneous or accidental, chemicals released from a leaking battery can be dangerous. Chemical leaks can damage or disable battery-powered devices. Many electronic device manufacturers recommend removing batteries from devices that have not been used for an extended period of time for this reason.

Disposing of or recycling used batteries is not to be ignored. There are three general ways of the disposal: curing and deep burial, storage in waste mines, and recycling. All types of waste batteries are generally shipped to special toxic and hazardous landfills or recycled to extract useful substances that can be used as raw materials.




Knowing more can help you to choose the right and most durable battery.

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