Hilong Battery Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002, we are an advanced technology company specialized in the research and production of Lithium Polymer battery, Ni-MH battery, Li-ion battery and LiFePO4 battery, with excellent performance, stable quality, reasonable price, and good service, our batteries are accepted by more and more electric products, such as electric vehicle, RC hobby, airsoft gun, power tool, medical device, vacuum cleaner, lighting, electric equipment, UPS and energy storage etc.


Hilong is located in Lingnan Foshan, China, adjacent to the provincial capital Guangzhou. We have a complete industrial chain of power lithium battery and Ni-MH battery, from cell production to back-end pack, and master a complete set of core technology. We have decades of superb battery production technology and insist on independent research and development, innovation, manufacturing and sales of batteries. So far, our sales network covers most areas of Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other foreign countries. Most of our customers have cooperated with us for over 19 years and we have won wide recognitions from many world-class enterprises.



Hilong is committed to accelerating scientific innovation, reducing manufacturing costs, strengthening the prevention and control of key process nodes, restraining the damage caused by out of control of product safety and reliability, realizing precision design and successfully completing high-quality forging.



Hilong is not only a battery manufacturer, but also a solution provider offering customized battery solutions to meet customers' needs for integrated battery customization. We can fulfill various requirements, either voltage or size, voltage, or capacity. Our techniques are not bound on parameters we displayed. Please feel free to consult our experts to design a unique battery solution.





  • Based on the latest high power NI-MH production technology
  • Use high purity continuous nickel foam for positive pole
  • Use high purity and thicken nickel sheet for cells tabs, lower inner resistance and higher discharge rate
  • Higher voltage output, better force feeling
  • Can be discharged continually by max. 15C current
  • The most advanced anti-explosion function, the most safe and reliable battery
  • Can be used in wide temperature range of 20-60℃
  • Better storage characteristics, lower self discharge rate and longer lifetime
  • Excellent over charge and over discharge endurance
  • Can be charged by over 1C current
  • According to the most strict assembly requirement and make sure the battery pack have the excellent performance.


  • Use thicken copper nickel plating tab, ultrasonic welding technology
  • Use G4 Nano LiCoO2 material for positive pole
  • Use automatic lamination process
  • Excellent stability, higher drain discharge capability and higher medial platform voltage
  • High current charge and super large current discharge capability
  • Good storage endurance, smaller self discharge rate, good cycle life
  • Wider operation temperature range, some types can be used in 60℃
  • According to the most strict assemble requirement and make sure the battery pack have the excellent performance.




Hilong Battery Technology Co., Ltd has been devoting itself to Battery research, production and sales for 20 years.Hilong’s mission is to provide our customers with total energy solutions which is green, safe and efficient. we are confident to offer our customer good quality and best customer service.


We have passed the latest international Quality Certification ISO 9001 2015, based on it we have established and executed an all-sided QC system. Our products has achieved approval of CE , IEC (International Electrical Commission) 62133, UN38.3, Korea Certification and the EU RoHS rules.

Never StopOur Growing

  • 2020

    Due to reconstruction of old industrial area, Hilong moved to Chencun Shunde

  • 2019

    Hilong has successfully expanded the production line for the low speed vehicle power batteries

  • 2017

    Hilong established another production base in Kaili city Guizhou province, it is specialized in producing Lithium polymer batteries and Li-ion batteries

  • 2013

    Due to the expansion of production scale, Hilong moved to Pingzhou Industrial Park, the factory area covers more than 10,000 square meters, Hilong successfully developed Lithium polymer batteries

  • 2007

    Hilong successfully developed high power and high C rating nickel-metal batteries

  • 2002-9

    Hilong was founded at Foshan Guangdong, it is specialized in producing high capacity nickel-metal batteries


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